The One Belt One Road South East Asian NGOs Alliance (OBORSEANA) is dedicated in providing the platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in SEA nations and China to facilitate trade as well as maintain a good working relationship.

The Alliance would also be the main liaison in trade negotiations between the governments of SEA nations and the Chinese Government (provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions) to promote friendship and facilitate cooperation in economic, trade and cultural exchanges.

OBORSEANA aspires to be the main liaison for the economic, trade and cultural exchanges between ASEAN countries and the Belt and Road Initiative.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the voice of the SEA & China SME business community and to be the most influential business advocacy organization in the region.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help SEA & China SMEs by providing a platform for mutual trade that works to be a force for long-term economic growth in the SEA & China region.

Logo Interpretation

OBORSEANA (wording):

Shouldering and responding to the history of the Belt and Road and the call of modern times,

Twenty Points of the Revolution of O :

The twenty points of the revolution of O represent the 20 member states, which, like the laws of the heavens, have always operated steadily on the South-East Asian Plate, We will forge a community of interests, a community of shared interests, a community of common destiny and a community of responsibility with political mutual trust, economic integration and cultural inclusion.

Circle :

As the benchmark, comprehensive, stable, conserved and complete.

Gold (Color) :

Represents the ancient overland Silk Road, which represents the history and the sense of weightiness.

Deep Blue (Color) :

The deep blue represents the modern Silk Road on the sea and speaks of the modern and future.


Represents the unity of the Southeast Asian nations.


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