OBORSEANA organized a delegation of presidents of various business associations in Malaysia to Chengdu to participate in the Chengdu International Business Bank.

1) The alliance delegation was received by Vice Mayor Liu Yuliu. Mayor Liu first introduced the situation of Chengdu’s domestic and international development. President He introduced the overall situation of the alliance. Mayor Liu expressed his gratitude to the alliance and the ASEAN cooperation platform. He hoped that there will be more exchanges and cooperation with the alliance in the future. President He expressed that through this event, the alliance will pass on the information of Chengdu’s current rapid development to Southeast Asian countries. In the future, it will organize more business associations to come to Chengdu to exchange investment.

2) The Alliance and China (Sichuan)-ASEAN Free Trade Cooperation Center signed a strategic partnership and actively built bridges for Sichuan to travel to ASEAN. Deputy Director Zhang Wen of the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Alliance delegation witnessed the signing ceremony.

3) The Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce organized the heads of the business bureaus of the districts and counties to conduct friendly exchanges with the alliance delegations, and actively discussed the future investment promotion activities of various districts and counties in Malaysia.